About Us

Welcome to Rockefellers, Established in 2011, We are an exclusive independant family business that specialises in luxurious, high-end watches, Diamonds, jewellery & Pearls. We have some of the finest brands on the market, and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver the most excellent and rare pieces with competitive pricing which others cannot offer, With over 25 years of experience in the watch & jewellery industry.

Here at Rockefellers we like to provide a personal service to all our clients, new & old. Since our founding, we have been building trust with new and existing customers by ensuring that transactions with us go through smoothly, discreetly, and completely to the customer’s satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in often being able to source the impossible, so please inquire, and we will do our best to find a time piece you desire, or provide you with a comparable current model as a second choice. We highly suggest to our customers that prior to making a purchase of such a high calibre they do their research, and make sure all of their questions are fully answered. Below, we have more information listed about our company. Thank you for choosing us for the opulence you crave.

Just about every website out there has a Testimonial page that has multiple entries from customers all over raving about how great that website is and how satisfied they are with the product they bought. Well we don’t have that page, why? Simple, common sense will tell you that we control everything that is on our website, so we can put up as many testimonials as we like, all positive of course, and there is no way to verify how true the information is. How many times have you read “Great company, great deal, excellent customer service, Bob from London”, it’s almost a cliché now.

We have only just setup a website however we started on eBay prior to this, so the best and first place you should look as a new client is on eBay. With eBay, all feedbacks are real comments from real clients and these cannot be faked, further more you can actually contact these people through the eBay system and ask them what their experience was like with the seller. Please see eBay Section for more details.

Building trust online is difficult to do properly but very easy to fake. You won’t see any customer testimonials on our site frankly because we think they’re clichéd and flawed. Any testimonials you see on any website on the Internet might be completely fabricated. We’d rather you do the research on us to make sure you’re making your purchase with a company that can be trusted.

We began as an eBay store before setting up on rockefellers.co.uk and we still sell goods through that same account that began a number of years ago. Dig into our background there first if you are a new customer. Rockefellers isn’t just an online store we have our very own boutique situated in the city centre of Manchester, Feel free to stop by and pay us a visit. That way, you’ll be able to touch and feel your potential purchase and take the anxiety out of waiting for a package worth tens of thousands of Pounds.


What does a refurbishment entail? Firstly the watch is stripped down into two parts – the case & the bracelet. Both parts of the timepiece are carefully cleaned to remove any dirt or residue. Then they are taken onto the buffing machine where they will either be matted or polished depending on the current finish.

Watch Repairs

Here at Rockefellers we have our very own watch repair centre, with 2 fully qualified & highly experienced watchmakers at hand to carry out any repair necessary on your watch. We offer full services & overhauls on any timepiece, for a fast, reliable & efficient service at great value for money. Come and see us today for a free quote.

Sell Your Watch

Looking to sell your watch? Rockefellers offer fair prices on all timepieces, For a free quotation or to sell your watch today, Simply contact us Via email or Phone and we will do our best to respond within 24 hours or Visit our store today for an instant on the spot valuation


What does a service entail? completely disassembling the movement and placing the parts in special chemical solution that dissolves oil residue, dirt and dust. Checking parts for wear & tear and replacing any parts that are damaged. The movement is then reassembled and special oils are applied to lubricate the essential parts. The watch is then put back together, Pressure tested & checked on an electronic time machine for an accurate reading of tolerance on the watch.