Part exchange

We take most preowned and unworn watches in part exchange, for a free quotation get in touch with us today or call in store


Here at Rockefellers we have our very own watch repair centre, with 2 fully qualified & highly experienced watchmakers at hand to carry out any repair necessary on your watch. We offer full services & overhauls on any timepiece, for a fast, reliable & efficient service at great value for money. Come and see us today for a free quote.

Watch refurbishment..What does a refurbishment entail? Firstly, the watch is stripped down into two parts – the case & the bracelet. Both parts of the timepiece are carefully cleaned to remove any dirt or residue. Then they are taken onto the buffing machine where they will either be matted or polished depending on the current finish.


Watch servicing.. What does a service entail? completely disassembling the movement and placing the parts in a special chemical solution that dissolves oil residue, dirt, and dust. Checking parts for wear & tear and replacing any parts that are damaged. The movement is then reassembled and special oils are applied to lubricate the essential parts. The watch is then put back together, pressure tested & checked on an electronic time machine for an accurate reading of tolerance on the watch.


Take advantage of our 90 day layaway service, Simply leave a deposit on any item and pay instalments as and when you can, No extra charges or interest rates, The faster you pay the faster you take it away

Terms & conditions
– 10% minimum deposit required
– Payment must be complete within 90 days
– No refunds on any deposit
– Store credit only